A sporting event always doubles as a meeting point, a place to catch up with friends, to establish new contacts, and to strengthen pre-existing ones. The VIP area at the CES Valencia Tour will provide just such an opportunity. Sponsors and guests, decision-makers from the fields of politics, management and economics, and companies from a whole host of different sectors and industries will find a common denominator at the CSI Valencia, a spring-board for a wealth of interesting and productive discussions.


The VIP area is situated right at the heart of the action - directly alongside the competition arena - offering uninterrupted views of the sporting action, sponsors’ own advertising, and of the hugely passionate spectators. This area is reserved for the exclusive use of CES Valencia Tour partners and provides table service, relaxed conversation and a chance to deepen acquaintances, since this is where everyone who’s anyone meets up. 


Why not make the most of this opportunity for your company, for your business partners and friends? Get in touch and see how we can create a unique, tailor-made package for your needs, bringing you up-close-and-personal with the sporting action, a huge network of contacts and the CSI Valencia.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mercedes Barrachina, who will be happy to discuss any queries.

mb (at)

How to Get

Valencia - Ces Valencia Club Hipico: 10 Min

Beach - Ces Valencia Club Hipico: 15 Min

Airport - Ces Valencia Club Hipico: 5 Min