Appeal: Equestrian sport

The CES Valencia Tour will develop a specific package of measures with the client, tailored to their corporate objectives and planned target audience, ensuring that the bundle suits the particular company and has a mutually positive influence on both partners’ image. This is achieved by means of analysis of wishes and possibilities, and incorporating the results of that analysis into project management, implementation and support, and by providing close monitoring of the success of the measures in place. 


Equestrian sport is very much based on a performance culture and is, at the same time, dominated by the connection between man and horse. The appeal of the sport lies in the fact that two different living creatures demonstrate understanding and trust in each other. When that is achieved, the resulting elegance, harmony, trust and dynamic is practically tangible. It is precisely this magic that exerts an almost magnetic pull on the millions of people who are attracted to equestrian sport in all its varied glory. It can be no coincidence that equestrian sport is one of the top 5 outdoor sports…

The possibilities in equestrian sports sponsorship are many and varied. The specific tools and instruments used will be selected based on the aims of the company. The CES Valencia Tour offers a comprehensive range of measures:

  • Patronage of competitions/tests
  • Personalised promotional obstacles
  • Perimeter advertising
  • Promotional flags
  • Logo placement
  • Advertising spots and trailers
  • Direct presentations to spectators
  • Integration into the advertising network
  • Presentation spaces
  • Hospitality
  • Involvement in media communications

CES Valencia offers excellent sponsor relations, innovative approaches and best practices for equestrian sports sponsorship.

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